"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more. Creative imagination is the essential element in the intellectual equipment of the true scientist, and wisdom tales (Grimms’) are the childhood stimulus to this quality. "     
Albert Einstein

Maths: Grade1 - 6

I work with my pupils at an experiential level – using play, physical movement, clay work, and maths-stories. I give them lots of practice and aspire to help them enjoy the subject.

Making Maths visible:

  • laying a foundation for understanding maths

  • Working with form and order

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Balancing the one-sidedness of conceptual abstraction in the classrooms.

English: Reading, writing, handwriting

  • Language, Grammar, and Comprehension - developing skills and methodology.

High School learners:

  • Literature,Poetry and Grammar

  • History and Biology

  • Exam preparation and Study Skills

Remedial Teaching: 

The children Gillian has worked with have difficulties ranging from extreme ADD and dyslexia to those simply not coping with the schooling system. With a remedial  training and a passion for play and storytelling, she is able to work in a manner which isn’t tedious and the child develops an experience of, for example, Maths. Gillian works with children holistically and creatively. She assesses the child from different viewing points to throw light upon the source of their struggles. She lovingly helps children with reading and writing difficulties, maths-blocks and any other symptoms. Gillians' years of work as a Health Consultant may also be helpful for parents.

Coaching for Parents

The school system can put so much pressure on parents causing strain, stress and anxiety, and in turn working negatively on the child. Some parents have beliefs, for eg: “if my child doesn’t do well at school they will never make it in life.” But they can come to truly know that this is a belief, a thought only, and has no feet in reality.

When the parent come to a place of peace and trust, your child is freed and the whole situation changes. I have found that unless parents work on their thoughts and beliefs about children’s academic life, the children may carry their parents’ burdens and become insecure and anxious.


She also provides tutoring - for primary and high school students - in Maths, English, reading, writing, handwriting as well as softer skills like focused attention, study-skills and concentration.

Her tutoring  relieves  stress and tension in the parent-child relationship.   For instance, it frees the mother to be a loving parent and not ( Grrrr!!) be burdened by having to be a home ‘teacher’ and the conflict that often ensues.


Her teaching experience also includes non-mother-tongue English speakers who wish to improve their English. This she does through stories and dramatic texts that are effective and enjoyable.


·      BA English, psychology  - University of the Witwatersrand

·      Waldorf Teacher Training UK

·      ACE – Remedial, UNISA

·      Creative Speech and Drama, 4 years, UK

·      Curative Speech - UK 


It is with great pleasure that I may be reminded of the wonderful impact that Gillian Rosenberg had in our lives. We have known her for the past 7 years. She taught my son Roman over the years as extra educational  support, and is a superb teacher and an amazing person with the most  astounding ability to support, bringing the best out of the student. Roman looked forward to lessons and especially enjoyed crafting brought to him to strengthen mental agility, and doing maths with chalk and special stones on the tiles!  With my permission of course! So he learned while being somewhat enchanted and such a contrast to the dragging and boredom at school. It would certainly be greatly beneficial to have her abilities in anyone's life. 

Tia Boulton, Counsellor