Are you terrified of presenting? Tend to mumble, swallow words? Retreat?  Speak inwardly, or cringe having to project?  Do you suffer from a speech impediment? Are you simply looking for inner confidence in your speaking voice?  Use this work as a self-development path.

Finding your unique voice-print

This work is personalised for individual needs: Effective for teachers, parents, children, presenters, Toastmasters members and aspiring leaders. This work will open doors and breathe new life into your self-expression. It is for everyone who wants to work consciously, find liberation from old habits and hindrances and grow towards new possibilities.

What will you learn?

  • To vary tone and pitch, to avoid monotony

  • Projection techniques - no more mumbling

  • To overcome stage-fright and gain confidence

  • To articulate clearly

  • To neutralise accents and practise pronunciation and enunciation

  • To develop movement and rhythm, creating vibrant speech

  • To exercise the organs of speech for better breath-control and flexibility

What will you gain?

  • Self-confidence

  • Authenticity in what you say

  • Insight into your barriers of articulation

  • Effective, dynamic and harmonious expression

  • The ability to hold the interest and attention of others

With varied techniques - customised to each individual and their specific needs - and fun exercises, Gillian will help you cultivate your speech, bringing new life and form to sounds, syllables, words and phrases.



“No matter what Gillian says, nothing can prepare you for what you will actually experience. Go for it!”

Anthony Higgins, Educator and Performer.

 “Speech is invisible movement”