“I work a great deal with the corporate world, where a lot of time and money have been spent on creating an external image. But when they open their mouths to speak, the image falls apart”  

Lenore Harris, New York Vocal Coach.        

The human voice is the strongest and most powerful medium in an organisation’s marketing, sales and support efforts, therefore, targeted investment increases the quality and performance overall.

Voice coaching is the missing element in most leadership, management, and business courses. Correct rhythm, stresses and pronunciation reduces frustration and opens up communication.

Ignite your business interaction with dynamic communication tools!

Let how your employees speak be your strongest and most powerful asset

Gillian will ensure:

  • Your message is accessible, understandable and dynamic.

  • Bridges are built between the speaker and the listeners.

  • Tone and colour for clear, coherent communication.

  • Flow and variety that invites the listener in.


"We often refuse to accept an idea, because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.”

 Friedrich Nietzche