Gillian Rosenberg is a qualified Creative Speech trainer, Educator, Tutor and Remedial Teacher who trained at the London School of Speech and Drama. She has performed and directed plays, and worked in teacher training.

Gillian completed her four year full-time Creative Speech and Drama training in England, and is now the only person qualified and practising this therapeutic voice work on the continent of Africa.

A descriptive moment in a speech lesson: "I was working with a radio presenter who started his sentences confidently but then retreated by swallowing the last few words. His listeners probably did not know the reason for their negative reactions, but might have been aware of a sense of dissatisfaction within. We used a declamatory exercise to explore out-breathing when he suddenly heard an indignant voice asking, ‘How can you say that!’ This was a powerful ‘Aha’ moment for him. Experiencing the disapproving tone from his childhood in a new light was the beginning of freeing himself from the bondage of the past and its consequences as a detrimental speech habit."

Gillian works with children who have delayed speech and other speech difficulties.  As a Waldorf teacher she home-schools children and gives extra teaching lessons for children who require further support. Toastmasters clients appreciate Gillian bringing their material to a highly artistic presentation standard.                                

“It is little short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not completely strangled the holy curiosity of enquiry.” Albert Einstein


  • BA English and Psychology 1972, Wits University, Johannesburg, SA.
  • Waldorf Teaching Diploma  1984, Emerson College, East Sussex, UK.
  • Creative Speech and Drama 1985-1989, London School of Speech and Drama
  • Post Graduate Studies: Curative Speech, UK
  • Advanced Certificate in Inclusive Education with distinction, 2009, UNISA

Teaching Experience

  • High School Teaching, Swaziland 1973 -1977
  • Speech and Voice Coaching Teachers at Michael Hall School in Sussex, UK.
  • Therapeutic Speech – working with people with physical/mental disabilities.
  • Directing plays with Class 11 in the UK - 1994 -1996 (Under Milkwood,  Romeo and Juliet)  
  • Novalis College in Cape Town 1990 – 1993 - Speech (Drama, Storytelling, Poetry) to teacher trainees
  • Emerson College, UK 2004 - Teaching foreign students English through working artistically (Drama, Storytelling, Poetry) and speech exercises
  • Speech work to Foundation Year and Education Students at Emerson College in the UK, 2004
  • Teaching children privately since 2007 - Remedial, Home Schooling, Tutoring, SA
  • Voice and speech Coaching, Johannesburg 2008 with all people interested in voice work, including presenters, business people, toastmasters teachers.

Additional Experience

  • Developed and managed a shop on an organic herb farm in the Drakensberg 1996-2001.
  • Worked with staff; social issues, health/HIV (self-empowering tools), and literacy.
  • Health consultant 2005 – 2008
  • Crafting, painting and form drawing
  • Child massage
  • 12 years practise and researching with an Anthroposophical doctor

Performance Experience

  • The Tempest
  • Twelfth Night
  • Grahamstown Festival:  Speaking for a movement group
  • Speaker for a professional Eurythmy Group (movement as visible sound) 
  • The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
  • With Adonais Group in England - Shakespeare, Poetry, Storytelling
  • Presently a member of the Johannesburg Storytelling Circle