Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is.                              

Publilius Syrus

Your voice is your most powerful communication tool,

which represents all that is YOU.

Learn to use it effectively, creatively and harmoniously

while developing a conscious understanding of this exciting, self-empowering path

of self-development and transformation. 

  • Are you shy, anxious or lacking in confidence?

  • Mumble/stutter/stammer?

  • Need to overcome pronunciation obstacles?

  • Have any speech impediments?

  • Want to develop cleaner, clearer, more colourful and vibrant communication?


Gillian is an experienced, perceptive and intuitive coach.  She helped me to find my unique voice and to express my personal power. No standard recipe was imposed on me.

Cheryl Herbert, Alexander Technique Teacher

Gillian Rosenberg is a highly qualified and experienced voice trainer and storyteller, who will engage with participants in ways that ensure vocal difficulties are overcome and there is a transfer of empowering skills.

Gillian, as an educator, is inspired by her Waldorf Teacher training to adapt to each individual uniquely. She works creatively and playfully, and uplifts the child’s self-image and confidence.